Uber, an international transportation network company, operates in 50 countries and one can request a ride from Uber and are picked up within minutes. One can find Uber customer service, customer support as well as technical support by simply contacting Uber on their phone number. Uber is known to reply promptly when contacted and are usually good at answering and dealing with all kinds of queries and questions.

Uber also has an emergency hotline number, which as the name suggests, is only for emergencies to be used in times of need and assistance. So one should use and call on this number only if there is an accident. This number can be very handy and useful just in case.

Uber phone number’s ‘disguised technology’

Uber app seamlessly connects the customers to the driver partners of Uber. It is important for a Uber customer to always save the number of the driver. This can help the customer in case of any issues is can also help prevent a lot of inconvenience. However, the Uber phone number that the customer gets while requesting or booking an Uber ride is not the driver’s real phone number, but the driver can surely be reached by calling this number. Uber has introduced a feature called the number-masking feature on its platform with which it simply masks the identity of the customer as well as the driver. Uber has done this and has launched this pioneering safety and security initiative to make sure that the mobile numbers of its customers are not disclosed to its drivers and to thus maintain security and privacy. Uber’s disguised phone number technology makes sure that calls between its driver and customers are using anonymous numbers. Therefore, neither the driver nor the customers have to reveal their personal phone numbers while connecting to coordinate a pick up. This technology has been tested with many of Uber’s driver partners across various cities in the world and would be rolled out to ensure the privacy as well as the safety of Uber’s customers. This technology is expected to provide enhanced safety and security to customers even before the ride as well as during and after the ride. Therefore, once the ride is finished, the Uber driver will not be able to call the customer thus maintaining the customer’s privacy and safety. The personal contact information of the customer thus is always safe and hidden.

One can contact Uber simply by connecting with them on Uber phone number and get the fastest support. Besides contacting them on phone, you can also contact them on their email, office or through their website. Uber Cabs in all the countries can be contacted on their customer service number as well as their toll free helpline number. This is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get help and support from Uber. There is no wait time and one can avail the service at the desired time.