It has been so much time and still there is no phone number for uber customer service. Customers best bet to reach uber’s customer service will be to email Don’t waste your time dialing the phone numbers which are given on various websites. When you call those numbers all you get is a recorded voice message which will insist you to email at for getting any kind of help. There is also a better way to get help through the uber app, click here to know how you can do it: uber customer service.

But many of their user think that it is time now that they should have a customer support number where the users can get their problems solved in real time. In some cases the problem is too urgent and it is hard to wait for a email. If a rider lost his phone in a driver’s car it would be easy for them to call the customer service, who can then inform the driver quickly about the situation. And it is also reassuring for the user who now knows that he is being helped by a real person.Email is a preferred way of customer support for many as it is easy to explain the situation by writing but customers should also get the choice of contact by phone.