Many people struggle with this question “Do you tip uber driver?” The Uber xl and x drivers don’t have any tip / gratuity added to the bill customers get. Over that Uber x costs you almost half of what a taxi ride will cost you. In my opinion you should tip the uber driver if you are happy with his service. Sometimes drivers pick up your heavy bags with a smile. Some extra bucks won’t hurt anyone. Uber x or xl driver will be happy that you appreciated his extra effort. Those extra money you give the driver will decrease their stress as they will be able to pay for the extra cost, which they incur for keeping their car in good shape. And if you want to have a safe ride, you should keep your driver stress free.
Many times customers keep their Uber drivers waiting for long time. In the cab service time is money. If you waste their time and don’t compensate for it, I think it is bad business strategy. It is very likely that the driver will give you a lower rating. If your rating dips driver will start ignoring your requests. Your wait times for getting a ride will increase and the inconvenience also. It is much better to tip your uber xl or x drivers than to return to the regular taxi service.
So, one more time, Uber xl and x driver don’t have any tip money added in the bill. If you are satisfied with the service or your driver had to wait long time tip. It is very likely that you will always get five stars if you tip your drivers.
Uber doesn’t prohibit drivers from receiving tip money.