You had planned everything in detail. You had fixed your date and time of travel so that you could safely reach your destination without being stuck in city traffic and still taking the route which was economical. You had called your neighborhood taxi service days in advance, arranged to go with your favorite driver, haggled over the prices and exchanged your phone numbers. The day before intended travel, you even called to make sure that the driver would come as agreed. On the appointed day, you are all ready, luggage packed and waiting for the driver to arrive. Minutes are trickling by and there is no trace of driver. You dial his number only to find out the number has been switched off. Sounds familiar?

Well no more. Simply download the Uber app, register and create your account and the next time you need to travel, look up your location on the app (app automatically does it through your smart phone and GPS)or pick up your boarding point and the nearest Uber cab will be at your service within minutes. Yes, Uber offers real time cab services and there is no need for any reservation hours earlier. It is more like taxi on demand.

Assured response and guaranteed services

In addition, no need to hunt for Uber contact number online or ask your friends or family to book your cab. All bookings, including payments are done through the app only. You don’t have to pay cash either to the driver. Get your fare estimate and time of travel at the time of booking and make all your payments via online engines or credit card. So, you no longer have to worry about carrying enough cash and change to pay the driver, leave some tip, or ask the driver to keep the cash or simply waste time waiting for him to return the change.
It is simple and easy. In case you need to change your pick up location after booking, simply place a call to the driver through the app only. Therefore, you see, the passenger and driver’s numbers are not exchanged, all numbers are masked in Uber contact numbers and all calls routed through Uber only. So added to all the above advantages, you now do not have to worry about your number being with the driver or the driver calling you after your travel has been completed.

Smart and user friendly, optimum cost and real time services are some of the major advantages of app based cab services like Uber. No hunting for Uber contact numbers for booking a cab or waiting endlessly on the phone for some off shore customer care executive to answer you call. Simply mail your concerns and grievances and Uber will get back to you in no time.

As there are no contact numbers for calling any person and all the system is automatically handled through mails, this ensures maximum efficiency and there is no room for any human errors. So book through Uber and enjoy your journey without worrying