Uber is an on-demand car service allowing you to ask for private drivers through iPhone and Android devices. The service sends a message to the driver nearest to your location. Uber will send you a private taxi style car. The service offers a cashless solution that deducts your fare directly from the registered credit card in your account. Uber provides its taxi services in around 53 countries and more than 200 cities around the world.
Uber has developed many ways for its customers to keep in touch with their preferred cab company:

1) Users can call uber phone number from their cities in case of emergency like accidents or any other mechanical issue too.
2) Uber is also accessible through emails. Customer can register claims through emails to get answers to their queries.
3) The online web portal also offers help to its customers.

Disguised technology of Uber phone number

Uber has also introduced the number-masking feature that ensures that the mobile numbers of its customers are not shared with the drivers. They have deployed disguised phone number technology across the world to make sure that all the calls between drivers and the customer are connected using unidentified phone numbers so that both the persons can communicate and coordinate a pick up without revealing their personal phone numbers. This disguised phone number technology has been tested with large number of drivers in various cities in the world. The new safety technology will provide increased security before, during and after the ride. Uber has also expanded its partnership with SafetiPin which is a mobile safety app based on maps.

Some specifications of Uber

1) Uber provides cab services in almost all the major cities on selected routes. Payment is accepted by master cards at the time of online booking.
2) SMS alerts are delivered to the customer’s registered mobile number.
3) It also offers transportation services for different tour packages to the famous destinations along with services to the commercial areas on daily basis.
4) Uber cabs have radio transistors to connect for emergency services.
5) The mobile app provides information about the plans and the rates. It also provides road maps and contains all the emergency contact numbers.
6) Uber’s cab drivers have to pass the driving exam first and possess a reasonable experience in driving.
7) They also have a proficient team of technicians who are always ready to deliver roadside services in case of any emergency.
Uber is also holding its strong presence on the various social media platforms: Facebook, twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google plus.

Services via uber phone number

Uber services are not only available through social media or email. Uber phone number is provided to the customers where they can call and their call is redirected to the company. There are different customer service contact numbers for different cities. Company is also planning to add more phone numbers for its drivers. Any user can contact uber phone number for travelling in the best way.