The increase in demand to commute by Radio taxi has led to increase in its business by many folds. There are many reasons for the leading boom in this business be it the corporate culture, homemakers or old people etc. The taxi on call has revolutionized the mode of transport and the concept of independence of travel, convenience of time clubbed with safety and surety of booking anytime anywhere. The business has seen new heights and has grown almost three times in past two years.
Uber Inc. is a transport service provider, founded and established by Garrett Camp and Travis Kalanick in the year 2009. The head office is situated in San Francisco, California with a worldwide network of instant Radio taxis. Uber services are standard all around the world but the offices are localized as per countries requirement and legalities. Even the email ids and Uber contact number is region specific.

Customer service through Uber Contact Number

Uber Inc. is very specific and stringent about customer service policies. They make sure that any customer who is booking the service gets an instant reply regarding their booking status, arrival of taxi and the drivers contact number with the taxi number.
The customer care centre can be contacted by email or by calling on the Uber contact number seeking clarification, help for any lost item in Uber Car, correction of address, change of travel time or like to access drivers phone number etc. Uber even has an emergency helpline for immediate service. These contact numbers are for specific reasons like instant assistance during an accident or need to be rushed to hospital etc. These services are applicable through calling, online booking or via App also. The app allows hassle free emergency service booking. The process is to:
1. Open the app
2. Click on profile icon
3. Click on History
4. Select ride/cab
5. Click on Need Help
6. Provide all information
The customer care representatives are available round the clock for fastest and easiest way of assisting through Uber Contact Number. Uber is an International Award winning, largest Taxi Operator in the world. They have not only allowed people to think that taking a cab is convenient but is also promoting cab pooling to work. They have brought travel independence to people who do not drive or have a car. Apart from this, they have even brought employment opportunities by hiring free-lance drivers or people who own the cars and are willing to work full time or part time on commission basis.

Advantages of booking Uber Cab
• Convenient and instant booking
• Get instant details – cab arrival time, driver details
• Flexibility to choose type of cab – Economy or premium and get billed accordingly
• Get regular discounts and promotional offers
• Trained, polite and well-mannered drivers
• Hassle free payment options – Cash/Debit/Credit card etc.
• Pay as per distance traveled and not by fixed standard rate hours.

The Driver number that the customer gets is actually the Uber Contact Number, although on calling it connects to the driver, but the driver is unable to call the customer directly after ending the trip. Uber masks the phone number of both ends to maintain complete privacy of the customers.