The app based cab operator – Uber needs no introduction. Launched in 2006 by Travis Kalanick, the company has seen rising profits and increasing presence in countries world over. All you have to do is download the app on your smart phone and book your cab online through the app. Yes, you hear it right. You do not have to call or speak to anybody spelling your destination or boarding station, time of travel or haggle about the prices.

Easy to book cabs with Uber contact number and app

No matter what time it is, you simply have to open the app, mention the location you are in and where you want to go and the nearest cab to your location will be sent to you within a few rates. The payment is through mobile payment services available in the country of choice. The rates are fixed and competitive. There is a small hiring charge – fixed according to the city. A charge per kilometre is levied including another fixed amount for the number of hours of travel, including all toll charges. This still works out to be less than your conventional cab service provider is. Don’t trust us? Just download the app and work out the mathematics yourself. In addition, all payments are done online through registered payment app: this ensures that you do not have to pay in cash to the driver and fish out change or wait for the driver to pay back your change or worse still, leave the change to driver as a tip. For those worried over their safety that their mobile number may be shared with the driver who may use it to contact them once the travel is over – rest assured. Since all the bookings are handled through app, all the number – yours as well as driver’s number that you receive are masked. The number that you or the driver gets will link your call to the driver through Uber contact number only. Therefore, you don’t have to fear receiving solicitous calls from any driver once your travel is over. No wonder the app based cab service is so popular. At present, the service is offered in all major cities across the globe.

It is simple and easy and all communication is handled vide the app through e-mails only. At present there is no direct Uber contact number and the company handles all communication through online communication only. This eliminates any human errors, pre conceptions etc. As all communication is via e-mails only, you need to keep your e-mail account updated. In addition, your phone number needs to be updated. Just login to your account and update your details whenever there is a change. You do not have to look up Uber contact number dial a couple of numbers and wait for eons for some call centre executive to pick up and finally answer your call. Simply drop an email and your query is sure to be answered in under two hours.