The customers should always remember to keep their contact phone number for uber app up to date. It has been seen that sometimes when a driver calls you uber phone number, they are not able to reach you due to incorrect number. This situation may cause inconvenience to you as the driver may cancel your trip. So I am providing the know-how on how to update or change your uber phone number.

Open your uber app >> now tap on the main menu which is present at the top corner of uber app >> for iPhone you have to tap on the gear icon for viewing your profile and for android phone you have to tap on profile >> update / change phone number.

And if you want to update any profile information using desktop or laptop computer go to and then sign in to your account. After signing in hover the mouse pointer onto your name present on the right corner of your computer screen and then click on profile. The profile page will open, from here you can update or change your name, email address, phone number and profile photo.