Uber is one of the international brand that provides cabs or taxis to people who book them in advance through the designated phone number or a mobile app. Spread in over 60 countries, the brand provides comfortable and relaxed ride to all the passengers choosing Uber. The service can be used by a user through app in smart phones and book themselves or by just dealing the Uber phone number to talk to a representative who can help in booking a taxi based on the requirements of the rider.

The Uber app is quite easy when a user requires booking a cab. Just by choosing the pick up location and the destination location, one can start the process of booking a taxi. If required few other details like the type of vehicle based on the number of passengers or the baggage count and the time of the arrival for pick up is required for a hassle free travel.

All the cabs are clean and well-serviced cars with only reliable and background checked drivers behind the wheel. The cars come along with a GPS system that instructs a driver to take only the specified route and that route will be shown on the passenger’s phone. The whole system is very secure, hence safe for men and women. Another service provided by the cab service is sending a message to loved ones with a link that shows the route and the exact location of the cab a passenger is travelling. Hence, family and friends will know each and every movement of the cab and the whereabouts of the passenger.

Uber phone number and how it works?

When a passenger needs to avail the service of a taxi or a cab, either he can install an app in his smart phone or just store a number in his mobile. On dialling the Uber phone number, there is very less wait time and a customer representative at the other end will be quick to respond. The customer representative will take in all the information required for the travel. The information would generally be the name of the rider, the place of pickup, destination address and the type of vehicle needed by the traveller.

Once confirmed, the driver is allotted who then can see the address of pickup. After the customer or rider is picked up, the driver is only then able to see the destination address. This is one of the features that are not available in other cab service companies. This ensures double safety to the rider, one at the start of the journey, by not revealing the destination to drivers and one during the course of the journey with the help of GPS and tracking facility.

With Uber, safety is completely assured and any rider can travel with no second thoughts. So, do not wait, get your phone and dial the Uber phone number in your favourite city for a tension-free and happy ride that can take you to your destination in minutes.