In these days and times when everybody is hard pressed for time and money, app based cab services like Ola, TaxiForSure or Uber are becoming quite popular by the day.

All you have to do is download the app, create your account using your email ID and contact number and get going. Next time, when you want a cab, you don’t have to look up for Uber contact number , call hours in advance to book your ride, negotiate the price and give a couple of reminder calls to the driver to make sure he turns up at the required hour. NO, none of that, Uber allows you to book your taxi in real time. That is, open the app, select your location or a boarding point and the nearest Uber taxi driver will be sent to you. A few minutes is all it takes. Get your fare estimate, the estimated time of travel and pay through paytm – a mobile payments service and that is it. The charges are fixed partly and partly dependent on the distance and time of travel. You do not have to pay the driver in cash or tip him.

Travel is all the more easy now with Uber. You no longer have to drive the long hours on your family vacation or for work. In addition, you no longer have to worry about servicing your car before that long trip or consider its mileage. For all those who would prefer travelling by their own vehicle rather than take up the appalling public transport in India, it is much more preferable to simply book an Uber Cab and enjoy the journey without breaking your bank. The prices are competitive and best at the market. In addition, you do not have to look up Uber Contact number either. Download the app and get booking instantly. You can also send invites to your friends and family for downloading the app and get some cool cash back as your referral. Keep watching for some great promotional offers of the company from time to time.

Another important point is for the passengers concerned for their safety. You contact number is not shared with the driver. The number that appears on your phone under driver’s information is not drivers’ real number either. All calls are routed through the Uber app and all numbers are masked numbers.

Any information is shared vide e-mail only. Whether you have some problem with your account or want to ask about your luggage or some belonging left in the car or want to register a complaint, no need for looking for Uber contact number online. Simply type in your grievance and Uber will get back to in less than two hours.
Whether it is your daily commute to college or office or a road trip with your family, choose Uber cab, select the vehicle you want – economy or luxury, chose your most suitable pick up location, get an estimate of travelling time and cost and be on your chosen way within a few minutes!