In recent years, personal transportation industry has undergone drastic changes with application based cabs and car service hailing systems. Uber has made structural change to the old system wherein people hire cabs by making calls to local car agents or travel halfway to direct drivers to reach destination with much pain in communication. Since it was launched, Uber has seen phenomenal expansion of its business offering services all over the globe with US and India being the largest market for Uber, in terms of service in the number of cities.

The successful formula of bookings and Uber contact number

The following will address the success formula of Uber with Uber contact number-
• Customers: Instead of chasing cabs or calling and waiting half an hour for a car service, technology driven Uber can hail car from the nearest locations and make it available within minutes. The cars are clean and well maintained. Latest car models are maintained by professional drives who have related insurance and documents handy. Once a driver accepts the ride for a customer on Uber contact number the customer can track driver’s route and position if necessary. Unprofessional drivers are weeded out of Uber, because passengers get to rate drivers performance and a low rated driver is pushed out of Uber. All the above foster positive experience from customers.
• Drivers: The most important advantage for drivers working with Uber is termed as safety. As the transaction in cash less the driver need not worry about unpaid amounts. Drivers can log in, log off anytime, and strategically allocate their work hours in any manner. Aggressive, rude and disruptive customer are weeded out in the same way like customers can rate their drivers, even drivers can rate their customers and continuous low rated customer with unsafe behaviour would have his Uber account deactivated.
• Industry: With a large number of competitors in the personal transportation market, Uber provides most benefits to its customers with increased supply of cars and drivers at affordable rates to the outer neighbourhood of major cities and suburban’s.
• Free rides: Another advantage that distinguishes Uber from its competitors is Free rides for first time users. It also provides discounts on special occasions.

Three-employee policy: Uber employs only three people for each city. These three executives act as empowered agents to handle all day to day operations in their city, hire and fire drivers, select cars suitable for the Uber name and monitor and manage overall events. If the customer faces any concern, they can contact this three-member team anytime for their concerns with Uber contact number. These agents are the right people to take charge of inappropriate service providers and monitor feedback of services offered minutely. Sensitive to the customer’s need of safe and quality services, there is no room for error in Uber and the affiliated drivers are trained to provide the best services possible. Thus, Uber gave access to a new group of service providers with stylish cars thereby moving to the next level of autonomy.