Gone are the days when booking a cab or a taxi was a nightmarish experience for the common person. Uber Company has redefined the approach where a cab can be hired in few minutes. One does not need to panic on the last minute breakdown of your car when there is an important event to attend or thinking who will pick the parents from airport at midnight. There are many such odd instances when we are desperately in need of a pick or a drop and always wished if things can be a click away. Uber has turned this wish into a reality. They have proved themselves successful in giving us what we need the most and at the most desired time- A cab at our disposal in the least possible time.

Uber’s working platform is a web-based technology that works through smartphones with either Android or Windows as an operating system. One needs to download the Uber mobile application and cab booking can be easily made via Uber mobile site through a systematic guide. It has an integrated network of cab drivers who gets blinker on their mobile via GPS for the customer looking for a ride closest to them. This platform works as a liaison between the cab driver and cab requester and the gap is filled in few minutes.

So what is Uber Phone number in case you need to contact them?

After booking a cab, in case one wants to contact the driver for any change in pick up location, then a call can be placed via application on your mobile. For security reasons, Uber has ensured that neither the customer nor the driver’s personal number is made available to each other as they use the cloud telephony system to ensure that after trip none of them makes any wrongful use of the contact information.

However, there is no Uber phone number that serves as a typical customer care number for direct answer of your queries and giving any personal feedback. The redressal of the customer’s issue is done via mobile application through the “Help “option and a prompt call back is received from the service centre. Uber’s website also serves as a help guide providing all basic information to a customer.

For Emergency purposes Uber phone number been set up as a hotline number too and can be reached only in case of an accident. Another Uber phone number that has been set up as customer service line that can help you book your ride. The customer service gets in all the details for the ride such as pickup time, place and destination. It allows the driver to know about the destination only after the rider gets in the cab and hence provides utmost security by safeguarding the information. By providing GPS system in the cab, Uber proves that the rider’s safety is the foremost thing the company believes in. Tracking of the vehicle by friends and family is also possible in Uber.