Uber is an American international transport network company. The headquarters is located in the San Francisco, California. There are many companies that serve for the transportation and the Uber is best at its services. The service is available in 58 countries and 350 cities worldwide. After launching Uber, many other companies have copied the trend and business model that is notified as ‘Uberification’. In the year 2009, Travis Kalanick founded Uber, Garrett Camp as ‘UberCab’ and it was released in June, and in 2012, it was expanded internationally. By mid of 2015, it is estimated that it is worth of 15 billion dollars.

Uber has grown internationally hence it is available in most of the countries and cities. The Uber cabs serve better than taxis and they are user friendly with just one installation click on their android or apple phones. One can say that other local taxis demand have been decreased because of this user-friendly app. People today want everything to be ready with their plan. All have become time conscious in this world and none can waste their time in waiting. Uber will allow the user to install the application on their android or iOS device. After the installation, it may ask some basic details to enter and then he can proceed using the app. The user can mark his pickup location in the Uber app through the GPS. It needs the internet service. The nearest Uber driver traces the exact pickup address and he will be ready to pick his customer. The Uber user can contact through Uber phone number, twitter, Instagram and many other help line pages.

One can contact the Uber through many services. It is an on demand car service application through which the nearest private drivers are sent for the pickup. The cabs are not like general cabs, which stop on the road by hand signal. The contact should be through either call or email or sending a request through Social Medias. The billing is based on the credit card. Once the travel is completed and the destination is arrived, then the billing is done and the amount is received by swiping the credit card. Cash on payment is not accepted. As it picks up from wherever you are and delivers you to the desired destination without any problem, it is little expensive compared to yellow cabs but it is worth paying. The licensed and trained drivers are employed in the company.

Significance of Uber Phone Number

What can be this Uber phone number? People want to call and inform about their place then they can use the Uber call service through which one can hire the cab with the private driver. Through this phone number, private drivers can be reserved in any of the cities where Uber is been operated. Activating a phone call through Uber phone number is really easy. It can be activated from the cities where Uber is actually implemented. Uber response is well at a pretty fast manner.