Uber offers a robust and great insurance coverage for all UberX drivers. The insurance coverage provides the following benefits:

$1 million liability coverage on every incident

Uber has a commercial insurance policy providing $1 million liability coverage for every accident. The liability for drivers to the third parties will be covered from the minute of accepting a trip to when a trip concludes the $1 million liability policy has been provided since the early 2013 ever since ridesharing began.

$1 million underinsured/uninsured bodily injury of motorists covered for every accident

The month of December in 2013 also saw the addition of underinsured/uninsured coverage for motorists. The policy will cover any bodily injuries in the case where a motorist with limited to no insurance hits an UberX car. This helps in ensuring protection, especially in the cases of hit and run.

Collision insurance and contingent comprehensive

Such a policy allows the driver for ridesharing to cover all physical damages to the vehicle occurring while on a trip. This coverage can cover as much as the actual value of the car.

No fault coverage such as personal injury protection

This will be provided in some of the states at levels that are similar to taxis and limos in those particular states.

$50,000, $100,000, or $25,000 worth of contingent coverage in between the trips

During such a time of a ridesharing partner being available in between the trips, coverage will be provided by most of the personal auto insurance. However, the driver will also have a backing of an extra policy that will provide coverage to the driver liability in the case of bodily injuries for the amount of $50,000 for every accident or individual consisting of a total $100,000 for every accident and as much as $25,000 in the case of property damages.

The policy will be contingent to the personal insurance policy of the driver, which would mean that it will pay in the case where the personal auto insurance would be paying zero or completely declines. The policy exceeds or meets the third party liability insurance requirements in all of the states within the United States.

Like always, the UberSUV, UberTAXI, or UberBLACK rides have been provided with insured and commercially licensed drivers and partners. Those providers of transportation have been covered through certain commercial insurance policies that are in accordance with the state and local requirements. Uber is definitely proud of the policies that it has been providing to their drivers and passengers and plays a vital role in ensuring the safety while on the road. There will certainly be more policies in the future to look forward to, as collaborations will take place.