Most of the cities and countries have this uber app facility. The users can directly go to the apple store or Google play store and download the app free. One can use the uber through the laptop also. Go to the uber website and sign up for free. Here you will be asked to create an account. It will need your name, mobile number, email and the billing information through which the cab billings can be deducted. You need a PayPal account or valid credit card to use the billing service. Read all the terms, conditions, and make sure that you are okay with it. Then, click on the sign up button and your account will be created and the confirmation mail will be sent to the registered email-id.

Once you are installed with the uber application, you can login with the username and password that were entered during the sign up procedure. There are many types of vehicles that are ready for services. Based on the city, there are five types of vehicles. Use the slider at the bottom of the app to set your vehicle preference. There are Black cars- This is the original service provided by uber, if you select this, then the high-end sedan will be sent with the seating of four people. Taxi- these are very similar to that of normal taxis, but you can pay through the app. UberX- This is an everyday car that is sent to the desired location with seating up to 4 people and it has the budget option. SUV- This is an expensive service compared to black car. It has the seating capacity up to six people. This service is provided by sending car to your location. LUX- It is the Uber’s most expensive car and it has the seating up to four people. The high-end luxury car will be sent for the customers. You can choose any of these five vehicle types and then mark your location.

Mark your position on the map with the pin. Most of the people will be confused in marking and if the marking goes wrong, the car will be sent to that wrong place. Hence, mark the correct position by zooming in and by checking the address at the top of the app. Once the location is set, click on the set pickup location and then later the payment method will be operated by default. If there are fixed charges then the amount will be deducted immediately or else after the travel the amount will be deducted based on the mileage. Wait in front of the exact street address and the car will arrive within a very less time and enjoy the Uber service at a very reasonable price.

Uber Phone Number:

The uber service is not only provided through email or social Medias. It also has the uber phone number where the call is redirected to the Uber Company. There are different uber phone numbers and still many work is going on to add the uber phone numbers for the private drivers. If you need a customer service, then you can contact through the uber phone number easily and get a taxi at the required time.