Customers should use Uber xl when you have more than four passengers or a lot of luggage. Most of the Uber X drivers have Toyota Prius which won’t be able to store more than 2 big bags. There is no way that a Uber X driver will take more than 4 passengers as by law the driver will be given a ticket for carrying more passengers than the available seat belts in the car. So it will be convenient for the driver and customer to call a uber xl if there are more than 4 passengers.
Uber xl is not the same as Uber Suv. Rates of uber xl are cheaper than the Suv service which is a luxury cab service by Uber. So when you have more luggage or passengers order xl to save money. You won’t get the luxury SUV’s but you will be able to save money and get a convenient ride. Below is the list of cars which may be there if you order for a Uber xl;
1. Chrysler
i. Town and Country.

2. Dodge
i. Durango
ii. Grand Caravan
iii. Journey

3. Ford
i. Explorer
ii. Flex

4. GMC
i. Acadia

5. Honda
i. Odyssey
ii. Pilot

6. Hyundai
i. Santa Fe

i. Commander

8. Kia
i. Sedona

9. Mazda
i. CX-9

10. Mercury
i. Mountaineer

11. Mitsubishi
i. Outlander

12. Nissan
i. Pathfinder
ii. quest

13. Subaru
i. Tribeca

14. Toyota
i. Highlander
ii. Highlander Hybrid
iii. Sienna

15. Volkswagen
i. Routan

Uber x cab service should be used when you are travelling with a light luggage. It will be much more convenient and save you a good amount of money as it is a very cost effective service. You are good to order it when there are 4 or less than four passengers who are travelling. It is better to call more than one uber x if you have more passengers or luggage. Or better yet get a Uber xl.