Uber is making your UberX rides cheaper in city of Seattle by 25% for the summer season. So enjoy the season with higher temperatures and lower ride fares. This discount to the users won’t affect the drivers as Uber will bear this on its own pocket. Rides for UberX are already a lot cheaper than the taxi, so this slash by 25% will make a big difference in your ride fare. Now you can plan longer rides with UberX and still keep your money pocket full and happy.
If you are using the Uberx for first time don’t forget to use these promo coupon codes and get 20 USD on top of the 25% saving.

1. 93jzqs Uber Promotion Coupon Code 20 usd

2. a1bea2  Uber Promotion Coupon Code 20 usd

UberX 25 Percent Discount

UberX 25% Discount


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