If you are familiar with the difference between the Uber Black Car And Uber Black SUV service, it is the same in the cheaper end of this taxi service. If you order Uber xl a SUV will be ordered and arrive to pick you up. Uber X is the cheaper cab service where drivers usually have a Toyota Prius or any similar 5 seater.

Here is the example of Seattle, WA, to give you any idea about the fare difference between the two services.
Uber X Pricing: Base Fare: $1.35 + $0.24 Per Minute + $1.35 Per Mile
Uber xl Pricing: Base Fare: $3 + $0.30 Per Minute + $2.75 Per Mile
So the fare difference for the base fare will be $1.65, the difference between per minute charge will be $.6 and the difference for the per mile charge will be $1.4.

There is also difference of $2 between the minimum fare which will charged for a ride for Uber xl and Uber x. Whereas the cancellation fee, safe rides fee and city of Seattle accessibility and admin fee will remain same for both the services. This is very obvious that Uber xl SUVs will be able to carry more passengers and luggage. So if there are more passengers and you don’t want to be cramped up in a small car, get the comfort of Uber xl. The SUVs can carry from 1 to 7 passengers and more luggage contrary to the smaller cars which can carry 1 to 4 passengers with less luggage. It is better to make an informed choice rather than annoying your driver and getting a lower rating.

Example images of SUVs which you can expect to arrive when you order Uber xl:

Example images of cars which you can expect to arrive when you order Uber x:

In this article I tried to explain the difference between the Uber xl vs uber x service so that you will able to make a informed choice. I hope this has helped you and saved you some time.