Uber partners are the drivers which get customers by using the Uber Driver application. To become a partner you have to apply with Uber by providing your License Id, SSN, vehicle registration and insurance. To be approved as a Uber Partner you should have clean and good condition car. Your MVR or driving record should also be clean as Uber takes the safety of their customers seriously. A thorough background check is also carried out so that partners criminal background could be checked. If you have a clean background without any serious offense, then there is nothing to worried. Uber is now charging their customers a 1$ SAFE RIDES FEE.

If an individual is able to pass the Uber partner check, he or she will get an iPhone from Uber with a pre-loaded application using which rides can be accepted and completed to earn money. At this time Uber is charging 10$ per week for the iPhone which is given to you. If you don’t want to pay 10$ fee you are free to use your own iPhone if you have have an iPhone 4S, 5, 5C, or 5S with iOS7. The Uber Driver App won’t work for iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ or any iPhone with iOS8. It is advised to have at least a 2GB/month or higher data plan.

For downloading the Uber Partner App on your own iPhone you can visit t.uber.com/driver-app, but you should have a login username and password to that. You can achieve it only by passing the Uber Driver application process. And if you are already a Uber Partner and have their iPhone, you will be able to waive the $10/week subscription charge and get a refund for any deposit which you have paid for the iPhone.

If you want to apply through us you can comment by providing your email and your name. You will also get extra 50$ when you complete 20 trips!