Are you worried about your uber trip ratings? I am not asking this from the drivers but the riders. Drivers already know what their rating is as they get a constant update on their partner application. But the riders have no idea about their rating. As a driver I can assure that your rating matters a great deal. Drivers will make an extra effort to pick you up if your rating is between the range of 4.8 to 5.0. If your rating is between 4.4 to 4.7, you are still somewhat in a good place. But if your rating slips under 4.4, you will surely have a hard time getting a Uber ride.

Many of the riders want to find out their rating status, but are hesitant to ask from the Uber driver. There is another way to find out using the Uber application. Below are the steps which you have to follow to send a message regarding your inquiry to the uber customer service:
1. Open your Uber Application.
2. Tap on the Profile Icon uber-profile-icon on top left side of screen.
3. Tap on the ” Help “.
4. On the new page find ” Account “ and tap on it.
5. Under the “Account” options you will be see the ” I’d like to know my rating ” option, tap on it.
6. On the next page there will be blah blah blah and a submit button submit-button, tap on it.
7. By taping on submit button you will be sending an email to Uber contact number with your account details.
8. After some time you will be receive an email reply which will contain your average rating from all the trips.

If your rating is good, then now worries. But if the rating is not good and you have no option but to stay in the system, here are some tips:
1. Be on time.
2. Be polite.
3. Be helpful.
Follow these tips and you will see your Uber rating surging.