UberX, Uber Phone Number

UberX, Uber Phone Number: Find out the faster way to customer service care contact number.
This is the direct way to get phone number, you can always send a contact request: http://support.uber.com/hc/en-us/requests/new
But as for now there is no direct Uber customer service care contact phone number: 1-800-000-000 for Uber. You just have this request page using which you can expect a call back sooner or later. Uber request can be used if customer have lost item in an Uber car and would like to get Uber driver’s contact phone number. Click Here for a FREE $15 Uber Ride Credit!

Best way to get uber customer service Help?  Open your Uber App >> Tap on the Top Left Profile Icon >> Tap On “History” >> Tap On the Ride you need help for >> Tap on “Need Help?” >> Select the option and provide all the information.

This is the fastest and easiest way to get help from Uber customer care support/service.

If customer want to contact Uber driver for any reason, like correction of address, inquiring about time, customer can always contact Uber driver from the Uber app. The Uber app will place a call to the Uber driver when customer choose to call driver. Always try to save the Uber driver’s phone number as it will save customer a lot of inconvenience. The Uber phone number customer get while requesting a ride is not the Uberx driver’s real phone number, but by calling this phone number customer will able to reach the Uber driver. Recently, Uber decided to mask the Uber customer and driver phone numbers because Uber customers were concerned about their privacy. Once an Uber driver complete a trip, he/she will not be able to call the customer, saving the customer from solicitation and other safety concerns.

Who is Uber?

Uber is an iPhone, Android and Windows app that seamlessly connect drivers with riders in real time.  Uber has made on demand transportation much more convenient and reliable in all the major cities in the United States as well as around the world. Just 5 years in business, Uber has reached over 100 cities worldwide and rapidly growing into new cities. Uber is a venture based company backed by big venture capitalist companies like Google Ventures, Goldman Sachs, Bezos Expedition and Menlo Ventures.

Initially, Uber started as a black car on-demand service. Uber black car service includes sedans: Lincoln towncar, BMW 7-series, Chrysler 300, Mercedes Benz S500 series and SUV: Cadillac Escalade, GMC Yukon, Ford Expedition, Chevy Tahoe and Suburban.  Uber’s black car service gained popularity when it started in San Francisco and expanded to other metropolitan cities like Seattle, New York, etc. At the same time apps like Lyft and Sidecar came along offering a different kind of service known as ride sharing. As Uber saw Lyft getting popular in ride sharing service, they decided to launch UberX for serving the ride sharing community.  Now, UberX is the most popular service providing more rides than the black car service.

Uber has revolutionized the taxi and limousine service with its one tap ride sharing mobile app. This ride sharing mobile app has increased the convenience for both the rider and driver. Customers always faced the problem of not knowing when there taxi or limousine will arrive. They had to call the taxi dispatch service and a lot of times did not get a satisfactory answer. With the arrival of this mobile app service you are able to track your drivers movement in real time. And a big plus is that if your driver is going towards a wrong address you can always call the Uberx Drivers phone number and provide them directions to reach you. The driver is also able to reach you quickly as they get your location on a map and they are able to choose their route accordingly. It has been a big leap forwards in the transpiration service. Uber have not only made on demand transportation easier but also a lot safer for both driver and rider. Both the driver and customers details and locations are available and checked at any time. Introduction of rating on both sides is also a positive which Uber has introduced. Drivers and customers are able to rate each other which eliminates many bad factors like bad driving and rude behavior etc.

Uber Partners – Drive with Uber as an Independent Contractor (Partners)

Uber partners are, in fact what makes Uber such a great service. People who drive for Uber, as Uber call them “partners” are held on to certain standard of service and behavior. Without such standard, Uber partners, I assume would act just like taxi drivers, who don’t have much respect for their customers. The reason Uber drivers called Uber partners is because none of the drivers are employed by Uber, and Uber does not provide their cars either. Uber works as high tech dispatching company, eliminating the dispatcher a customer would call, with an elegant app for iPhone, Android and Windows.

UberX, Uber Surge Pricing (negative user feedback) – Many Uber customers complain about the surge pricing. But it is a very useful tool for keeping the rides available to customers who urgently need it. If you need to get to an important meeting, catch a plane or any other situation where there is a sense of urgency, price surge is a very helpful tool. Considering the fact that you are mostly not paying any tips to drivers and getting cheap rides, you save money which can be used for a ride when it is important for you. Open market is always more successful then a closed loop where the service providers get a chance to adjust the prices according to demand. Surge pricing is applied by the consent of the user, it is not something which is hidden. This tool also provides a way of motivation for the Uber drivers to serve their clients in an effective way and reap the benefits. My opinion is that Uber customers should use this tool provided by Uber to their benefit. If it is removed their application will become inefficient like Taxi and become unpopular.

Tips from uber phone number dot com on how to order your uberx and uber rides in a better way;
1. Checking the location is very important. A major mistake is in placing the pin. Uber application is not able to always detect your location. If you are able to provide your location to the driver accurately it will be a big help.
2. Message or call the driver if you feel that your pin location is not accurate. This will give him a heads up. It is a good practice in downtown where there are one ways and the driver has to go over a block if the pin is at a wrong place.
3. Always try to find a good spot for pickup in busy downtown areas. Some times riders stand towards the bus only lanes or in no stop zones which makes difficult for the driver to park and wait for the rider. Sometimes this also leads to traffic congestion.
Lets be helpful to each other and try to create a better way to ride.

Uber Phone Number Dot Com would like to ask Uber to improve its customers support service as people are happy with their service but angry on their customer support. It is very common for customers to forget stuff in Uber Partner Cars or have some problems with fare charges. If they have to wait long time to get their problem solved customers will get frustrated and try to find companies which listen to them and solve their problems in an efficient way. If Uber can improve on their customer support service they will keep expanding their user group and creating substantial number of jobs in the transport sector.

Uber Insurance Issue : Many people fear that Uber partners don’t have proper insurance coverage, but the truth is that they have to get $1 million of coverage for driver liability. And even if the fault is of the other party who may be uninsured or under insured, still Uber partner and rider is insured up to $1 million. Uber has also added contingent comprehensive and collision insurance for the duration of the trips which will cover up to $50,000/incident and has a a $1,000 deductible. So Uber or UberX partner cars cover the same insurance coverage as the Taxi Companies. So the riders should not be fearful regarding the insurance coverage.